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About us

The Balloon Company has for 22 years offered everything from balloons and party equipment to both private and business use !            

 It all began in 1993 with two American ladies who decorated with balloons for corporate parties and some private . Eventually they wanted back to the U.S. and Caroline, a former employee , took over the company and expanded availability of private balloon delivery , advertising and logo printing on balloons. She also set up the website which in 1997 was relatively uncommon.

 In 2000 began the current owner , Lisbet McCarroll , at The Balloon Company as an employee with the task of starting the shops as we know them today . As the business flourished , she began working at the headquarters , and developed knowledge and was responsible for product purchases , logo and balloon sales.

In 2004 she bought The Party Company AS, Oslo flagship store and developed all around balloons , decorations and good service. This was a success , not to mention because of hand picked talented employees who had an interest and willingness and learn about the unique world of balloons.

 In March 2013 Lisbet bought the rest of The Balloon Company with the desire to deliver everything from balloons, interesting party products, give good service as well as make quality balloons available for everyone.

 As the first and the best, we have the largest selection of quality logo balloons , balloons , decorations and Disney 17.mai vendor balloons. We also have balloon bouquets for delivery and lots of party articles .

 In 2014 due to area redevelopment we moved also taking the opportunity to expand and create 2 stores in Oslo, one i Grünerløkka, Toftesgate 12 and one close to the city center, Akersgata 65.  The expansion inspired development of our product base on our Website and a greater choice within the logo/custom print department .We hope that all our customers both new and those who know us well before enjoy all what we have to offer!

In 2019 we consolidated our shops in to our current shop at Ullevålsveien 10.

 Look around at the webpage to see new products, photos etc.

See what a difference balloons make!

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