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Proud to be Green

The Balloon Company does what it can to be Environmentally aware brand!

Therefore we choose balloon manufacturers who can supply products of a very high quality made ​​of 100 % natural rubber. Oil-based rubber we feel are full of chemicals requiring more manufacturing work thus creating more pollution.
Unfortunately natural rubber costs more but it is small price to pay when one considers that  none of our suppliers cut down tropical or natural forest areas to enable rubber harvesting. Instead, these trees grown in areas where work and industry were needed and by getting the required "personal touch" ensures a high quality sustainable rubber.
Latex balloons made ​​of natural rubber has the same degradation ability in nature as common oak leaves, or about 2 years .
In addition, we do not promote balloon releases with strings/ribbon as this creates unmanages waste which can hurt animals.

Bio - bags are used as far as possible the transportation of helium -filled balloons. These compostable bags and sacks that help to combat the problem of organic waste sent to landfills. We hope that our customers use these bags and sacks for collection and composting of organic waste and helps to complete the natural cycle at that very useful food is returned to the environment.
Helium limited noble gas with only six sources in the world at present . We try and reduce their and our need of the resource by using Ultra Hi - Float ® in every one of our latex balloons at the landfill . This is a water-based gel that creates a barrier when it dries and thus keeps helium longer in the balloon and the length becomes less helium used.

We think quality and'' Green '' ... every little bit helps ! !

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